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Opportunity At "Victoria Crater"

HiRISE imaged Opportunity on October 3, 2006, and November 14 and 30, 2006, and each time the rover was in a different location as it progressed around the crater. The remainder of the scene is unchanged, except that the shadows are slightly different given variations in the time of year and time of day between images. Also, each image was acquired with slightly different viewing geometries: MRO was pointed 3.84 degrees to the west for the first image, 16.3 degrees west for the second, and 1.76 degrees west for the third.

For more information about the first two images, see:

The third image is PSP_001612_1780 and will be released in full when geometric processing has been completed. All three images are shown here in their original geometry, not reprojected to map format.