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Dark Slope Streak with Streak-Generated Topography
Dark Slope Streak with Streak-Generated Topography
 Media credit: Image courtesy NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

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16 May 2007

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This closeup of shows a dark slope streak north of Olympus Mons, in a region photographed by the Mars Orbital Camera. (This portion is rotated with south up so that the direction the streak flowed is towards the bottom).

This image shows that the slope streak forming process altered the pre-existing surface both by exacavating material and depositing it. The fine scalloped texture of the surrounding surface is not present within the streak, and there are low linear mounds within the streak that are not seen outside. Their absence outside the streak indicates that the formation of the mounds resulted from the streak formation process.

There is a large boulder or knob within the streak near the top of the frame which the dark slope streak appears to have flowed around, leaving a light-toned patch of the surrounding surface material intact downstream of the boulder.

Observation Geometry

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